I have dahlia bulbs that don’t flower. What can I do?

I have dug them up and replanted the bulbs, but they still don’t flower. Even though the plants look great

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  • They need full sun. You may not get anything out of them this year depending where you live, but you can try. Soil should be moist but not wet, do not water till they sprout otherwise they will rot. It takes a bit of patience, and when they pop up and bloom, you will be rewarded!

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jul 14, 2018
    I had Dahlia only once but they did ot do very well. After looking up why on the internet, I realize I probably did not water enough. For a while we had years of drought so we had watering restrictions and our water costs skyrocketed!

    "Water is another major cause of dahlias not flowering. If they don't get enough water, dahlias do not bloom. ... A common mistake that results in dahlias not flowering is over fertilizing. Sometimes fertilizer is too much of a good thing, and lots of nitrogen will make for plenty of lush, green stems but few or no flowers."