Are there roses that grow in partial shade?

And could you tell me my yard is a little sandy ,what should i do to make them grow so there big and beautiful. Thank you.
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  • Margaret Margaret on Jun 19, 2017
    Try one to see what happens. Prepare the planting hole as directed on the package or pot, plant at the same depth as the plant had been in the pot or wrapper; sprinkle some rose food around the edges of the planting hole and water thoroughly, making sure all of the air bubbles in the soil have been removed. I learned that putting the end of the hose down in the soil removes the bubbles and assures the roots are thoroughly wet. Then keep it watered and see what happens. If it grows and gives you big beautiful roses, you know it is all right to plant more. You may need to get systemic rose food that helps prevent aphids and leaf mildew. Have fun going to a nursery to pick out what you want and ask specific questions. I have had good luck with bare root Walmart rose bushes.

  • Susan Urbush Susan Urbush on Jun 19, 2017
    yes Carpet roses