Why does an orchid leaf split?

My orchid has a leaf the has split up the middle. This is not the first time this has happened.
The last time was right after my room mate drop the pot and I thought it was caused by the
stress of having to be repotted. Nothing has happened this time. It is the biggest leaf on
the plant.
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  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Jan 31, 2014
    I assume you have a Phalaenopsis, Shirley. The most common reason I've found given for leaf splitting is a lack of humidity.
  • Shirley Hamilton Shirley Hamilton on Feb 04, 2014
    I need a clarification about a response. The one response was not enough humidity. How can I provide more humidity. It sits on a shelf below my kitchen window, so it gets moisture when I am doing dishes, Also my washer and dryer are in the kitchen so it gets moisture when I am doing laundry, which is almost everyday.
  • Shirley Hamilton Shirley Hamilton on Feb 05, 2014
    Thank you Douglas. I just bought a new pot and saucer along with a bark planting medium. My orchid is getting ready to bloom so I am wondering if I should go ahead and re-pot it now or wait till it is finished blooming. Don't want to over stress it. Thank you for your answers. Really appreciate them.
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    • Shirley Hamilton Shirley Hamilton on Feb 06, 2014
      @Douglas Hunt Thank you so very much for all your help Douglas. I will wait to re-pot my orchid. I just noticed it is blooming this morning, with 2 beautiful flowers open and about 6 more on the stem that will open over the next week or so. Again thank you so much.