Some Annual Plants Can Have a Second Life.

I selected a few too bring in for the winter. I placed 2 on the window sill and and 3 in the garage by the door. The more I save the less I have to spend for spring 2014.
Cuttings of purple wandering Jew that will root and take up yet another place in my gardens.
Seed Geranium seeems to like it inside.
Gerber looks bad here but there is a bud sprouting, a sign there is hope.
A month later it looks like this. I have several Peach I placed in the ground surrounded by bark mulch & leaves. Their leaves where healthy til the snow covered them. Anything is posiblle I guess. Crossing my fingers for spring.
This citranella plant need water - but I just checed on it in the Gargage that is about fourty degrees & it looks happier than it did all summer on the porch - Go figure.
This Coleous was fine but it kept going to seed, then it caught a blast of frosty air.
It shed all its large leaves and I brought it in yesterday.
And yet there are still signs of life - tiny leaves are sprouting here and there. I hope you can see them. Hope spring enternal - I have faith.

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  • Carol S Carol S on Dec 29, 2013
    @carole My bad -- Of course you are correct -- don't know where my head was at.
  • Kim Kim on Aug 21, 2017
    My plant had grown to almost five feet tall, and got frost bit. I cut off all the branches to about 4 inches tall. All of the cutoff, I covered with mulch.(Grass clippings turning into dirt) Everything that I cut off, sprouted and have oodles of plants that are at least 2 feet tall. I have given away clippings and still have plenty. They sprouted off of every node that a leaf would have been.