Sturdy trellis

I asked my husband to build me a sturdy trellis and as usual, he outdid himself. We (well, I stained it) started with two pre-made panels that are 2 x 6 found in the garden center at Menard's. Add to that three green treated 4x4 posts (8 footers), two 2x4 scraps of green treated lumber (bottom of each panel) and 2x6 green treated cap and this beautiful trellis cost us less than $50 to build. Of course, it is absolutely square and level, cause that is the kind of guy he is. Each post is sunk into cement (which we had on hand, leftover from a fence install.
Unfortunately, a violet hail storm quickly decimated this clematis and though it has come back this year, it is just two sad little vines. I am hoping that it is photosynthesizing like a maniac and building itself up for next year.

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  • Mde183896 Mde183896 on Jun 12, 2013
    this is just beautiful! Trying to train a clematis on our new trellis covering the pool works ( which I call 'the refinery'). Nothing as charming as this, but a beginning.

  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on May 29, 2016
    Beautiful! Can I borrow your husband mine has no clue and won't listen to my ideas he would rather pay and since we have a tight budget I have to wait which means I never get it. I can't do it due to medical issues. We have the tools and they just sit there. But anyway not about me, you and yor husband did a very professional looking job and your beautiful plant looks great!