Tea pot fountain with impatiens

My impatiens are so large this year that they are almost covering up my tea pot fountain. Have really enjoyed them and it will be hard to see them go once the weather turns cold.
Tea pot fountain with impatiens

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  • Julee S Julee S on Sep 11, 2012
    Acorn Landscaping; I used a little more miracle grow then usual this year. Our early summer was so hot and so dry that no one was happy and then I was MIA in the hospital for ten days and hubby did the best he could to keep up with all of my gardens, but no one was happy til the gardener was home again!
  • Susan S Susan S on Sep 11, 2012
    Gosh Baby Girl - you've really had a rough time of it!! I don't think any of us knew how "sick" you've been for such a prolonged amount of time! That's enough of that now. Sure hope your surgeon has fantastic news and definitely has a plan for you to avoid any more complications!! Please tell your hubby he did an awesome job from what we can see and we appreiciate his hard work to keep it all lookin good!! Keep us posted on your on-going recovery and DO NOT OVER DO IT!! ;~)