The Three Essentials for Knock-Out Water Lilies

To grow knock-out, show-quality water lilies in your pond, only three cultural requirements are necessary:
FULL SUN - This means at least seven or more hours of unobstructed sunlight per day. While some varieties will tolerate less and still bloom to a degree, full sunlight is a mandatory requirement for truly awesome plants.
ADEQUATELY SIZED POT OR PLANTING POCKET – A minimum size pot or pocket for most hardy water lilies is approximately 16 inches by 7 inches. A commercial pot is readily available in this configuration. Anything smaller than this is simply inadequate for most varieties. A much larger pot will make the plant harder to manage (lifting comes immediately to mind) but will increase the intervals between the necessary re-potting/dividing. A pot or pocket this size will accommodate most cultivars for up to three years before repotting/dividing is needed. The hardy water lily rhizome actually travels across the soil horizontally, necessitating the wide pot or pocket.
FERTILIZER – Plants, like most living things, simply love to eat, and water lilies like to eat a lot. They are almost gluttonous in their appetites for food. They should be fertilized generously according to the fertilizer directions. Fertilizer may be in either tablet or granular form, consisting of an instant or readily available formulation, and a time-release formula, releasing nutrients at a fairly consistent rate over a given rate of time varying from 30 to 360 days. A combination of both works the best.

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