Transitioning to summer flowers here in Georgia !

I grew up on a farm and my Mother loved her flowers..when we finished with the vegetable gardens, we headed to the flower ardens..My Mother is blind now--but I can still share with her by giving her the name and color of each one. Treasure your time with your Mother...
Storm coming from the south--unusual here in North Georgia most of our weather comes from the west!!
Red Stella
Everyone wants to get in the picture !
Ok, ok, there's room for all !
Gotta be different..
Couldn't decide--just put a ilttle of everything..
Pink, Blue, Lavender and white
Need to talk to those ants !!
Like ladies dancing in the breeze...
Pocket garden..
So petite...
Lavender Butterfly bush--flowers got here before the butterflies did this year!!
Purple butterfly bush..
Purple butterfly bush- easy to grow and looks nice in big landscaping..
Purple Butterfly Bish
What Georgia garden would be complete without one !! Magnolia !
Tall Yellow Daylilly--ap. 3-4 feet tall..

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