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Some of you have heard me complain about Western water law, and the fact that Colorado residents are not allowed to harvest and reuse rainwater or "graywater" from their sinks and bathtubs and washing machines. My state rep is finally doing something about that. That means you can too, all my fellow Colorado Hometalkers. Contact your state rep and tell them to support HB1044, which would allow graywater reuse.
This is the basic premise of a graywater reuse system. Water from your washing machine, bathroom sinks and bathtubs (but not toilets or dishwashers or kitchen sinks) could be reused for irrigation.

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  • 3po3 3po3 on Feb 05, 2013
    I know all this stuff can get crazy-complicated, and I hope I didn't confuse anyone with the photo I posted. I just wanted to post a basic image to illustrate the concept in case folks had never heard of graywater reuse. And @Tom Dieck, I totally agree, but there is not a lot of overlap between common sense and Western water laws.
  • GeeJudy GeeJudy on Jul 05, 2014
    I just heard that they have satelite surveillance to find people with water barrels collecting rain water--