How to Make a Homemade Fly Trap With Honey and Dish Soap

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Are pesky flies ruining your indoor tranquility or outdoor enjoyment? It's time to take matters into your own hands with a homemade fly trap!

You can create an effective trap to lure and capture annoying flies using simple ingredients like honey and a few other household items.

DIY fly traps

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Tools and Materials:

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Cutting soda bottle

1. Prepare the Soda Bottle

To start, cut a soda bottle in half using a pair of scissors.

Make sure to make the bottom half taller than the top half. This will create the perfect setup for trapping flies.

DIY fly trap indoor or outdoor

2. Add Water and Dish Soap

In the bottom half of the soda bottle, fill it with a bit of water.

How to make a fly trap with dish soap

Then, add a few drops of Dawn dish soap or your favorite washing-up detergent brand.

Dish soap fly trap

The dish soap helps break the surface tension of the water, making it easier for flies to sink and drown.

Fly control techniques

3. Construct the Trap

Now, take the top half of the soda bottle and place it upside down in the bottom half, creating a funnel-like entrance.

Adding water and dish soap

This will guide the flies into the trap.

How to make a fly trap with honey

4. Attract the Flies with Honey

To entice the flies into the trap, smear honey around the mouth of the bottle.

Sit back and wait for the flies to fall into your trap. Once they enter the bottle through the mouth, they'll be unable to escape and will eventually drown in the soapy water below.

Periodically check your honey fly trap and dispose of the trapped flies as needed. Simply empty the contents of the bottom half of the bottle and refill it with water and dish soap to keep the trap effective.

Honey trap for flies

Add a bit more honey to the top and your trap is ready to work its magic again.

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DIY outdoor fly trap

Homemade Fly Trap DIY Tutorial

With your newfound expertise, you can now confidently keep flies away from your home and garden.

With just a few simple household items and a dollop of honey, you’ve created a highly effective DIY fly trap to get rid of those circling pests for good!

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