3/13 - Bridgewalk Cv. Landscape Design & Security Landscape Lighting

3/13 - Client liked a previous landscape light job I had done.
curb appeal for people walking to see.
Task was to trim tree ,warm up main entrance which was narrow,muddy, dark with a long and big brick wall plus inadequate watering and lighting at night.
old planting needed lots of water & sun. area is shade and dry due to the oak tree.
frame garage with planting and add a pathway for when a vehicle is parked
decided to exposed the wood siding and hedge the window and add a blooming understory tree.
added a 2.5 tn boulder as an accent with planting by the main doorway as a focal point.
adjustable recess lighting with dimmer for energy saving and for those special occasions ....
Landscape lighting around the front of the house eve, landscape and tree.
landscape comes alive at dusk when owner returning from work...
lights shine on key plants that owner likes, architecture parts of house and key areas of my design...
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