DIY Backyard Golf Green | My Dad's Gift to Himself for Father's Day

Alexandra Arena
by Alexandra Arena
4 Hours
My dad has always been a handy man, so it was no surprise to me when he decided to build himself his own personal putting green for Father's Day. He saved thousands on the project! Here's how he said he did it!

AstroTurf ($2/sq ft.)
10 50-pound bags of playground sand (3.75/each)
2"x6"x12' board ($9)
Border stone ($3/each)
2 portable putting cups ($10/each)
4'x4' chipping mat (50$)

"We had a 14' diameter above-ground pool. When I took it down, the grass was gone. I asked my wife if I could build a golf green. She thought I was crazy and it would be too expensive. I said I could do it for cheap."

1.) First I used a metal rake to remove any stones and grade the green higher in the back (so the golf balls would roll down.)
2.) Next I added about ten 50-pound bags of playground sand. (Over the years I've added more sand. Every winter I'd put 500lbs in the back of my Ford Ranchero for traction. Come spring the sand goes under the green.)
3.) Then I smoothed it using a 2"x6"x12' board.
4.) After I smoothed the sand, I packed it down by walking on the board, moving it and walking on it again for the entirety of the green. (You can rent a machine for this if you want called a tamping machine.)
5.) -- On the first version I used our patio indoor/outdoor carpet that had a rubber backing. It was dark green and had a short nap -- great for putting. (When I first bought it I figured I'd putt on the patio.) The original version had a flag and a cup purchased at target. -- This time, I upgraded to higher-quality $2/sq.ft. Astroturf from Home Depot and decided to use portable putting cups so I wouldn't have to cut a hole in the expensive mat.
6.) Next I surrounded the green with border stone I purchased at Home Depot. (Leave an opening facing the driving mat.)
7.) Finally, I purchased a 4'x4' driving mat (from Golfsmith) and placed it 50 feet away from the green.
"It's lots of fun! Family and friends and I compete often and sometimes even for money!"
Here's my Dad, Chris, finishing up his green!
Border stones!
Flag and portable putting hole!
The 4'x4' chipping mat!
And voila! The completed product!
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