Get Inspired: Six Reasons to Do Yard Work

Get Aerobic Exercise
Doing yard work provides aerobic exercise. Just 15 minutes of yard work can help to strengthen the heart and reduce the chance of developing different diseases. Yard work also exposes the body to sunlight. Sunlight triggers the production of vitamins that can fight depression and provide more energy.
Prevent Problems with Pests
A yard that is not maintained regularly can become a haven for different types of pests. Everything from beetles and ants to termites and mice are attracted to cluttered and overgrown yards because they provide shelter. Taking time to trim plants and clean up piles of debris or thatch can prevent serious pest infestations.
Keep Lawns and Yards Healthy
Yard work is necessary in order to keep plants and grass healthy. Overgrown weeds and piles of dead branches or other debris can all prevent sunlight from reaching the grass and ornamental plantings. Weeds can steal water and nutrients. Regular yard work that includes pruning and weeding will create an open environment where grass and other plants can thrive.
Maintain an Attractive Deck and Property
Avoiding yard work will eventually lead to an unattractive property that could be slowly harming a deck. Yard work will keep the property looking clean and attractive so that anyone sitting on the deck can enjoy the view. Basic yard work also prevents weeds and pests from slowly harming the deck.
Create a Safe Yard
A yard that is covered in tools, thick thatch from previous seasons or overgrown plants can become a safety problem. It is easy to trip or be injured by the clutter on the ground. This is especially true for children playing the yard. A little work every week can help to make the yard safer.
Protect the Home
An unmaintained yard can start to harm the home. A poorly maintained yard can lead to soil erosion and pooling of water that could harm the foundation. Dead or diseased tree branches could fall and damage windows or the roof. Yard work will help to protect the home from damage.
Yard work does not have to be done all at once. Just 15 to 30 minutes of yard work every day or two is enough. Taking care of yard work regularly will pay off in many different ways over time.
Information credit to Jay Fencing.

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