I have an area in my front yard ive worked on for a while i would like to find some ground cover or plants that do good

in this area that like full shade,and wet red clay any suggestions?I want to plant these on either side of the bridge.Ive got azaleas in part of this area but they are growing very slow.

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  • Stephanie corley Stephanie corley on Oct 10, 2016
    Red cly will not drain well. I have it also in my yard. You will need to outline your bed with a garden hose or use spray paint. Pile layers of grass clippings, shredded leaves pine straw and bagged manure in layers like lasagna. Wet the pile . You can plant your plants in the pile or you can cover the pile and uncover in the spring and turn over the pile with a shovel or a tiller. Amending the soil is the trick. I have planted hostas, hydrangeas, beauty berry shrubs, dogwood trees and azaleas in the shade or partial shade. They have done great!
  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Oct 13, 2016
    There are so many plants or greenery that you can have a blast. Ferns so many varieties of hostas even moss adds a feel of being in a story book. But I agree with person about soil and raised beds. To have them thrive they need to have a place for their roots to grow. Before you do anymore work go for a hike and take pics of what you see then you can ask by showing photos to quality nursery and they can guide you. Stick with as many perennials as possible so you save money and they can set roots. Don't do any separating of plants or splitting for fist couple of years so that roots are strong plus it will look natural and full.