How to Grow Plants

Having trouble with your green thumb? We'll help you get started with growing your own plants. Welcome to the world of growing plants. Hometalk has the top projects to inspire you, the video tutorials to teach you, and the discussion boards to enrich your understanding of plant gardening. Join us and watch your garden grow!

How to Grow Plants
Identify your plants
Different plant varieties have different needs. Some grow better in the sun and others prefer shade.
Know how to spot a problem
Plants that are yellowing and soft are over-watered. Plants that look stretched are deprived of sunlight.
Fertilize your plants
Like people, plants require food. Purchase a general-purpose fertilizer and follow the instructions to ensure your plants are well fed.
Apply pest control
Use insecticide or find a natural alternative, like soapy water or citronella mixtures.
Deadhead flowers
Stimulate the plant to produce more flowers. Deadhead by removing old and withered flowers.
Top Projects for Growing Plants

Looking for some ideas to get you started? Check out our top plant projects here.

DIY Plant Growing Videos

Here you'll find DIY video tutorials on growing plants yourself. Take a look around!

Planting Hosta Bulbs: How To Plant Bare-Root Hostas in Spring or Fall

Hostas are an easy-to-grow, low-maintenance perennial plant perfect for shade gardens and low-light areas in your landscape. While you can buy them as potted plants, they’re often much more affordable to buy as bare-root plants, sold alongside flowering bulbs. Here’s everything you need to know about planting hosta bulbs!How To Plant Hosta Bulbs Here are the basic steps for planting hosta bulbs (bare root hostas) in the garden:Find a nice shady spot, preferably with soil that drains well.Soak bulbs/roots for 1 hour if the roots are dry or soft.Dig a wide hole, about 4 inches deep (not too deep).Place the hosta bulb in the center of the hole with the roots at the bottom.Spread the roots outwards (like the rays of a sun).Gently hold the crown just below surface level.Carefully backfill the hole with soil, trying not to leave too many air pockets.Check that the crown of the plant (where the roots meet the stems) is at ground level.Water after planting to moisten surrounding soil and help it settle around the hosta roots.Add a thin mulch of homemade compost on soil surface to keep the roots moist and cool.Hosta bulbs can be planted in early spring or in the fall (up to a month before the ground freezes for winter). Mail-order hostas are often shipped in the fall, while in-store hosta bulbs are generally stocked at garden centers in early spring (alongside spring-planted flowering bulbs).

Plant Propagation Station From Pallet Boards

An easy way to re-use an old pallet to make a beautiful art piece that serves as a station for propagating plants in water!


The organizing ideas diy that you won’t regret! Do you ever regret getting rid of a plant tag and later on you can’t remember the details of the specific plant? This can happen with both indoor or outdoor plants. You can see more Cozy Creations here!I have a great organizing ideas diy for you plant tags. This post will show you how to organize plant information to use throughout the seasons; Why to start using this organizing method, organization inspiration with reasons to keep nursery plant tags you have not thought about, information provided that is so useful, organizing type options and step by step tutorial for organizing your plant tags.


What is the best way to set up a seed starting station? Include an area for each function; Seed sorting / planting station, grow rack, hydroponic station, soil area with table and pots. Make it functional and welcoming so you will want to be there every day.For more gardening ideas visit my blog at

New Plant Growing Projects

Need new plant project ideas? Try some of these and refresh your garden.

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