How To Harvest A Ripe Watermelon And A Big Heirloom Watermelon Harvest

4 Months
For many people harvesting a watermelon from your garden at peak ripeness can be a little tricky. In the first video, I will show you the signs of ripeness that I always look for before harvesting a watermelon. Hopefully this video will help you to harvest a ripe watermelon from your garden every time! In the second video I will show you my latest watermelon harvest. I harvested over 90 pounds of watermelon that day! Hopefully it will inspire you to give growing watermelons a try.
Varieties: Orangeglo, Yellow Fleshed Moon And Stars, Klondike Blue Ribbon
5 Tips To Help You Harvest A Ripe Watermelon From Your Garden
Big Watermelon Harvest! Over 90 pounds.

Big Watermelon Harvest!

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