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One of my Angel's Trumpet plants. Beautiful blooms throughout the year, but note that all parts of this awesome plant are poisonous.
Note: All parts of the plant are poisonous if eaten, & the plant has been banned in some communities. Check local restrictions before planting it. Check out details at this website:

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  • Kitty McCarty Kitty McCarty on Jan 30, 2016
    Kathy, my plants are roofline tall ;-( If I used pots rather than in-ground would they be bushier like yours? Also, my brother in Galveston was over-run with Purple Angels from a plant I gave him a few years back, now he pulls them up--LOL!


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  • Dara Jack Dara Jack on Feb 24, 2013
    Would you be willing to send me a rooted cutting from this plant? I love that color and am moving into a loft apartment in a few days with huge windows and lots of inside room. I grew Angel trumpets when I lived in Texas and love them. :)
  • Kathy Bass Kathy Bass on Jan 30, 2016
    Hi Kitty! Yes, you could probably keep your plant from getting tall and leggy and be bushier if it was in a pot. However, my neighbors trim their trumpet tree that's in the ground down to 3' every year and it is very bushy. OMG...wish I had one of those purple angels your brother throws away!!! They must be awesome.