Hanging Flower Basket Pop Bottle Watering.

2 Materials
5 Minutes
On hot dry day in summer I water flower baskets with a pop bottle.
First, I make a hole in the potting mix in the flower pot. I use a plastic tent stake, push it in the mix and wiggle it around a little. Then pull out the tent stake then fill a pop bottle with water and flip it over in the hole I just made. That will water the plant.
I use a pop bottle that has a longer neck, I also added in the picture my tent stake. I have inches marked on it, so I can see how deep I go down into the pot. I only go about 2 inches. As you do this, don't disturb the plant Just go between the branches of the plant. The tent steak is also used for planting seeds or little plants.  Just punch in the planting mix and plant
This is a 20 ounce bottle. It will get the water in the pot in about 10 minutes time. You will find no watery mess from doing it this way  The potting mix in the pot will be wet ,but you won't have it running out the hole in the bottom. of the pot. On a hot day I will go right back and refill the bottle ,then set that one in place. If the planting mix is wet enough the pot won't take more water at that time ,but as the mix starts to dry out with the heat of the day the water bottle will self water.
NO more dried out hanging baskets. Grandma Angie

Suggested materials:

  • Hanging basket   (Costco)
  • Recycled 20 ounce pop bottle   (from store)

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  • C C on May 13, 2018

    Where do you punch holes in bottle? Cap, bottle itself??? How many holes?

  • Lou Lou on May 17, 2018

    How long does it take for the bottle to get empty? I am planning on watering the plant really good before inserting the bottle. I'm thinking it won't use up the water in the bottle until the soil starts to dry out. Correct? Thanks for sharing your idea.


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