Monster Vines in My October Garden :)

The sweet little vines I grew from seeds and planted in June are now devouring my garden- just in time for Halloween! Take a look at how they've grown!
I've learned a lot about vines. Inexperienced gardener that I was, I went crazy planting my tiny vines all over my secret garden. Well, I've learned my lesson and will be much more careful about which of these little monsters I will grow next season :)
The "monster" vines have swallowed up my birdbath in the middle of my garden
"Thing 1" on the left and "Thing 2 on the right
Birdbath and garden ball eaten by "Thing 1"
Attack of the morning glory, mina lobata and nasturtium- Overkill, right?!!
Fairy hiding in the vines- You're not afraid of any old vine, are you!
The "tentacles" spreading and growing on nearby plants
Watch out, little angel, it's coming to get you :0
Angel surrounded by mina lobata- (I actually like it as a ground cover!)
Nasturtium overcoming one of the paths
Raindrum being swallowed by "Thing 2" :)
Another view of raindrum (devious little "Thing 2"- disguising itself with those beautiful blue flowers :))
My patio beam being devoured by the "spanish flag" vine (mina lobata)
The mina lobata finally revealed itself today! red and yellow
more mina lobata with new red blooms

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