DIY Plant Charms: Update Your Greenery With Stylish Plant Accessories

I've been on a decorating spree lately, but not just within the confines of my home – my plants have become my latest canvas.

After delving into the world of plant beading (be sure to check out my previous post), I was hooked. I needed to explore further.

I spent countless moments studying my plants and scavenging through my home for inspiration and I stumbled upon a few plant accessories ideas worth sharing.

So, today, I'm thrilled to unveil my latest project: crafting DIY plant charms from old jewelry findings.

With these charming adornments, you’ll transform your potted friends into the most beautiful house plants on the lane.

Tools and Materials:

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1. Gather Your Materials and Let's Get Started

For this project, I am going to spruce up some lavender I have growing in a pot in my courtyard.

It's time to give your greenery a stylish upgrade! #GreeneryDecor

Most charms come equipped with jump rings, which makes attaching them to jewelry a breeze. Keep these rings attached to the charms they come with – they'll prove useful in our project.

Discover endless possibilities for your plant decorations with these versatile clasps #UpcycledDecor

Additionally, clasps offer a convenient alternative for items lacking jump rings.

Versatile charms, ready to adorn your favorite greens #UpcycledTreasures

During my search, I stumbled upon a few fake Pandora-inspired charms. These are particularly handy as they feature large holes, that effortlessly slip over the plant stems.

Add some personality to your green friends #BotanicalStyle

2. Add Charms

Let's get those charms on your plants!

Start by gently opening the jump rings to detach them from bracelets or necklaces.

Ideas for gorgeous house plants #PlantCharmCrafting

Once free, carefully slide the charm onto a plant stalk, making sure to close the ring securely.

Transform old earrings into charming plant adornments with clasps #GreeneryGems

Now, for pieces without a natural attachment point, like this broken earring, it's time to bring in the clasps.

Once the clasp is attached you can clip it onto a stalk.

Adorn your green companions with care #PlantBling

3. Adding the Pandora Beads

I carefully adorned my plants with Pandora beads, sliding them over the leaves of the lavender plant.

Accessorizing plants with Pandora beads #PlantAccessories

Surprisingly, it was a seamless process, and I only lost a few leaves along the way.

More House Plants Inspiration

Check out this Garden Jewels post to find out how to add bling to larger-leafed plants!

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How To Reuse Old Jewelry for The Most Beautiful Houseplants

And here is the outcome, now this lavender bush sparkles with its charming adornments.

Make your own DIY plant decorations #PlantDecorHacks

Let me know what you thought of this DIY plant charms idea and if you give it a go I would love to know how you made it uniquely your own.

#BotanicalBling at its finest!

By reusing old jewelry, you not only give your plants a bit of sparkle but also reduce waste and add a personal touch to your indoor greenery.

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  • Denise Bernards Denise Bernards on May 19, 2024
    Love this idea, but on an outdoor level, removing hardware from old jewelry and laying the pretty bits on the soil for decoration and/or crow and raven tokens.
  • Eil60810303 Eil60810303 on May 20, 2024
    Great idea ...I keep odd earnings and hang them on pots ...Nice bit of bling