Can you help me identify this plant?

q does anyone know what this plant is
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  • Jeremy Hoffpauir Jeremy Hoffpauir on Jul 31, 2019

    Maybe Hibiscus? I'm not really sure. Do you have any other pictures from different angles?

    Hope this Helps! Jeremy -

  • Queeniecda Queeniecda on Jul 31, 2019

    I know that's not a flower, it's a weed. I have it too. I pull'em when I see them...

  • 31913343 31913343 on Jul 31, 2019

    I don't know, but I surely do wish I did too! I have that growing in my yard too.

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Jul 31, 2019

    A reverse Google image search gave me the results that it is a weed, related to the Hawkweed family.

    • Susan Boothe Susan Boothe on Jul 31, 2019

      That’s not a hawkweed. I just searched an image of a hawkweed and the leaves are different. I can’t tell, but it looks like a vining weed that grows up on trees, wood structures and on other plants. Does it have clusters of small, green seed pods? The picture is blurry. If you could get a better picture of the leaves and fruit it might help identify it.

  • Donnie Donnie on Jul 31, 2019

    Could it be a four o clock plant?

  • 31913343 31913343 on Aug 01, 2019

    I spent a lot of time online investigating it with a reverse search on Google images, using a picture of it from my own and yours. and I actually think it is a nightshade. Without the berries, I can't be sure, but by the shape of the leaves in your picture, and what looks like the greenish buds in yours, that is exactly what I have seen as this plant has grown in my yard. I am really not sure of this though, and hope to take a sample to my state agricultural extension office.

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Aug 01, 2019

    looks like sometype of milkweed there are over 100 know species of them; could tell better when buds open and flowers are present. Where in world do you live? (this is world wide site) What is your climate? Is this in your yard? woosdy area?sunny/shade? is it new to your garden?there when you moved in?

  • Lydia Lydia on Aug 01, 2019

    Looks like Lantana to me. I pulled them up and put them together in one spot.

    Lantana has small clusters of flowers that look like a bride bouquet for a Barbie doll. They can be yellow or purple, or a mixture of orange and pink - probably other colors, too. I think the birds must drop the seeds, because Lantana volunteers are EVERYWHERE. Their roots are long, so you may want to pull them after rain has softened the ground.

  • Pat Pat on Aug 01, 2019

    Does it twine around? Almost looks like an ivy type plant but ivy doesn't have flowers that I know of.

  • Shore grandmom Shore grandmom on Aug 01, 2019

    It looks like a weed that I pull out of my garden.

  • Yvonne Garza Yvonne Garza on Aug 03, 2019

    Looks like trouble to me. Dig that entire root out (if you can).

  • 31913343 31913343 on Aug 09, 2019

    I spent a lot of time researching this, and discovered it is a "Wild Four O'Clock" flower. It is native to the US, but considered an invasive weed in some states. I'm going to let mine grow and spread because I am naturalizing a part of my yard.