Is there a shrub that would work in partial shade?

Is there a recommended evergreen shrub that would work for shaded area under established elevated cedar trees. Hoping to get additional privacy screening along property line. I'm in zone 7a. Thanks!
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  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Apr 05, 2017
    You can plant gardenias, they're lovely as well!

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Apr 05, 2017

  • Kia Kia on Apr 05, 2017
    I wouldn't suggest placing plants, trees or shrubs too close to the property line. Place them more on your property. They must be maintained. I had a neighbor that planted a pine tree close to the property line and the limbs and pines cones fell and grew on our property. Actually, most of their tree was on our property. It became a problem. It started damaging my property. I called the township to ask what could I do. Since most of the tree was on my property. I had the right to take down the tree covering and growing on my property. I hired a landscaper and it was removed. Keep in mind when the shrub grows and passes the property line, you can be held responsible. The saying is fences make great neighbors. What I've learned during the process is Arborvitae make for great privacy, easy to maintain and smell great and a fence that makes great neighbors.

    Just be thoughtful of your neighbors. I know some don't deserve it, but always choose to do the right thing and it will work out.

  • I have golden yews that do very well in mostly shade.

  • Mkds47katz Mkds47katz on Apr 05, 2017
    Boxwood is indestructible and easily controlled.

  • Susan Hayek Susan Hayek on Apr 05, 2017
    google "shrubs for shady areas".

  • Oliva Oliva on Jun 10, 2020

    Keep in mind that many evergreens do poorly in shade, causing death to lower branches. Boxwoods have an odor akin to cat urine. If you're sensitive to that smell, avoid Boxwoods. You didn't indicate what height you need for privacy, but consider tightly growing deciduous shrubs as well, because their branches may still offer you the privacy you desire.