How do i get my roses to look good

they grow stirget up and little bug on it

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  • Those little bugs might be aphids. Ladybugs are a natural way to control them!

  • If they are aphids you can also blast them off with water from your hose. A picture would help

  • TRENA TRENA on Dec 27, 2017
    Nothing during dormant stage. When new growth starts to appear, consider using Bayer product 3 in 1. Fertilizer, insect control, disease control every 6 wks. Comes in liquid or granular. Water often with a slow drip to get all the way to the root system. Prune! All the dead and spindly growth sh be removed. Be consistent with the fertilizer and water. Be patient and determined, you will see results.

  • Reenaroc Reenaroc on Dec 28, 2017
    Hi Glenda, I too have roses that have had many different problems over the years. I don't want to use store bought chemicals because they are so bad for the environment. They are killing the good insects & birds (honey bees, Monarchs & Hummingbirds are all endangered now because of bad chemicals, mostly pesticides). If you do a search on line you will find a lot of help & suggestions of what to try for what is ailing them. Like ( natural remedies for pests on my roses). I look up what kind of bug 1st, like ( images for pests on roses)... then you can take it from there. I use Miracle Grow for Roses 4 food & natural, organic oils mixed w/ water for combating a number of issues mine had. My favorite is Neem oil or Lavender oil. I follow the recipes & directions that I've gotten from my research on line. Use the words Natural & Organic in you searches. I find the most help from the Universities & Organic Greenhouses. I had no clue that roses were so much work.... but once they get established & strong it shouldn't be so hard. Good Luck, Hope this helps.