Is there an easy way to check where my best spot to plant is?

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  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Jun 19, 2017
    Read the tag and know how your house is situated. In other words just know which side in N.S.E.W and take into account the type of drainage you have in those areas where you plant as well as shade from trees. Pick hardy perennial's. And follow the the tag directions. I know we live in a time instant gratification but gardening is soon different you have to be committed to it and after a few years you will see your beautiful plants at their prime and it will bring you joy. I must say that I did not follow this and I paid dearly. Plants didn't survive and I was able to relocate some that didn't die on me. I also didn't water as needed. I kind of stopped after the last plant was in and would occasionally water. I hate being outdoors,except for the planting and some weeding. I love to see my garden from the inside of my warm bee free space. So my husband has taken on the watering and our son does the yard work. I plant I trim I deadhead the plants i prune thats what i like. I collect the basil and dehydrate and save to use throughout the following year. Some of it I bring inside by my window and use fresh. That's instant gratification. Gardening isn't for everyone but if you can get help you will enjoy it more. My first year I so wanted a garden and by mid summer I was ready to have it all taken out thrown away and and pour cement on everything! Luckily I have a very supportive husband who told me not to let it get me down and that's when started the watering and feeding of plants. The following year which is this year we moved all the shade plants to a new and more appropriate site and they are quickly coming back and look great. Lilies seem to adapt to surroundings and be forgiving. I have some planted in a spot not for them yet as lilies do,the have to be triple the size and spread. Well good luck,enjoy,don't give up no matter what if this is what you want. If you plant them in the correct location to begin with the rest comes easier. Hey its only my second year but I'm hanging in there,especially with my helpers.

  • Eloise Eloise on Jun 19, 2017
    You need to know your planting zone (either 6a or 6b), then do a Google search for plants that do well in your area and conditions (shade, partial shade, or full sun).
    From there, follow directions in previous answer

  • Linda Linda on Jun 19, 2017
    Please do what the others suggested & check where there are a lot of plants growing in the wrong place (weeds). Remove weeds completely & put your plant there.