Lemon Tree- why are my lemons not turning yellow?

by Carmen
My Meyers lemon patio tree lemons keep growing bigger and bigger but don't turn yellow! I've had to pick two because I was afraid they would spoil on the vine. Why are my lemons not turning yellow?
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  • They love the location, just leave them alone and they will turn when nature tells them to. They generally turn yellow before they spoil on the tree itself. Let mother nature do her thing.

  • Kathy Kathy on May 28, 2017

    Maybe its a lime?

  • Jeri Illsley Jeri Illsley on May 28, 2017

    mine don't turn yellow either. lol how often is it best to put citrus feed on them?

  • Carmen Carmen on May 28, 2017

    i bought the tree at Home Depot and it said it was a Meyers lemon patio tree. Plus, they're way too big to be limes. The two i pulled are about the sizes of a small apple. The tree is full of lemons so I'm going to leave them alone to see if they'll turn yellow.

  • Crystle Gibson Crystle Gibson on May 29, 2017

    Citrus trees generally go through 3 drops before the fruit is actually ready. First the flowers, then some marble sized balls, and then fruit that sometimes ripens. The fruit after the 3rd drop is the good fruit. Nature's way of making sure only the best survives.

  • RB747 RB747 on Oct 21, 2019

    Our lemons are really limes? WOW, I must really have a valuable tree. Last year, my tree produced yellow lemons. This year, they are all green and must be limes. How cool is THAT!! Thanks so much for your valuable opinion.

  • Em Em on Jun 27, 2021

    I have the opposite problem. My Meyer lemon tree has yellow lemons but keep falling off before they get bigger than marble size.

  • Deanna Deanna on Aug 01, 2023

    You may have gotten one like i had once. Bought at Home Depot potted it, grew great! when the fruit ripponed they were Limes...think someone labeled it wrong..

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Aug 01, 2023

    Those are not lemons, cut 1 open and taste it.

  • Mogie Mogie on Aug 06, 2023

    Your tree location may be too shaded. Or the weather conditions may have an impact. Long periods of cold or cloudy weather with little sun and heat can slow ripening down. Frost can severely damage your lemon tree.