Planting rhubarb from seed how long do I have to wait before I can eat

The rhubarb is about 4 inches tall and ready to be planted in the garden. I've heard that you have to wait before you can use it. I don't want anyone to get sick.
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  • Just Retired Just Retired on Jun 17, 2017
    Oh boy at least a couple of years. The best thing to do is if you have a friend who has rhubarb ask her/him to divide a plant they have and give you half, that way you'll have rhubarb much sooner. Or pick up a plant at the garden center.

    • Mey8987025 Mey8987025 on Jun 17, 2017
      Thank you. I have heard it takes several years before it can be used.

  • Sharon A Loken Sharon A Loken on Jun 17, 2017
    We live outside Austin, TX. Can I grow rhubarb? Heard yes, and no, so who is correct? What do I have to do to make it grow if I can??? From Wisconsin where it grew outside our back door ... and grew and grew. Thanks.