Rooting gardenias

Does anyone know why I can root a dwarf gardenia in water so quickly and not a regular gardenia? How can I root the normal gardenias?
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  • Walter Reeves Walter Reeves on May 23, 2012
    Tell us how you root the dwarf gardenia. Curious minds want to know!

  • Melissa K Melissa K on May 24, 2012
    Last fall and also this spring, I was actually pruning the dwarfs when I decided to place several stems into a jar of water because they had blooms on them and thought the scent would waft throughout the house. Pruned only because they were growing into the walkway. Weeks later, I realized that the stems never turned brown and to my delight, when I lifted them, they had roots. Tried it on the full-size gardenia to no avail. Now I have to try to find a new bedding area for about twenty new dwarfs because I went crazy. You can also do this with angel trumpets. Out of the 3 that I had, I can now plant about 6 more. Now I am trying to get several other shrubs to root in the same way ans will let you know. Good luck!

  • Melissa K Melissa K on May 24, 2012
    BTW...I have rooted new and old shoots in exactly the same manner with the same results. Hope this helped. But I am not knowing when to place them into the garden. I have placed them into their own pots (from last fall) and placed them on my front porch. Rooting about 20-30 azaleas right now with rooting hormone in dirt,. They look healthy but when I pulled them, there was no root system yet, just nodes. So my trial and error has to wait for these to flourish. In about 3 weeks they have not wilted and stand tall but no real roots. I really need to know when is a good time to lift and place rooted shrubs into the garden.

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on May 26, 2012
    Melissa, since you're doing so much propagation, you might want to check out this article from the North Carolina State Extension Service: It sound like you may want to cover them with plastic to help increase soil moisture.

  • Melissa K Melissa K on May 26, 2012
    Thank you Douglas and maybe they can he lp me figure out when to plant everything I root but place in the gorund too early, like some of my angel trumpets.

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on May 27, 2012
    It sounds like you're doing a lot of things right. Good luck and keep us posted.

  • Melissa K Melissa K on Nov 14, 2012
    I have decided to use rooting hormone with all other things that I have not been able to root in water thus far. Having pretty good luck already. Bought a lorapetalum the other day only to cut off most of the stems and trying to root those in my laundry room. I did it both ways, the woody stem and the soft stem. Gonna see what happens.