Should we move the Monstrous boxwoods on each side of the steps

We recently got a committee together to re-landscape the area in front of our little church. We have an oversize boxwood on each side of the steps. We are trying to decide if we should move them or have them trimmed back. They are so big, the trimming won't do much.

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jun 15, 2018
    Remove them, being so overgrown chances are they will not reshape

  • Jcraw Jcraw on Jun 15, 2018
    I agree.
    it sounds silly, but a house of worship shouldn’t have big dark planting’s to enter.
    Think instead open arms. I’m sure they’re a bit intimidating to little ones as well.

  • Rockyroad Rockyroad on Jun 15, 2018
    Sounds like your church needs a memorial service for these old boxwoods and dig them up , not an easy job ! Doesn't sound like they owe you anything . Probably encroaching on the steps and constantly pruning will taking away a nice shape . Whatever you replant , make sure mature size is a plant that is well suited for this location size wise and meets light requirements . Happy digging ! Do a bit of research on pruning , most people don't do it properly .

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jun 15, 2018
    Sometimes there comes a time when something just has to go. Take it out!

    Since it is near the steps, the roots are probably under the steps and any force could destroy the steps. And it is probably too big to dig out.

    Your best bet is to cut these in sections down to the ground. Then you may have to get an auger to loosen the soil enough around the edges to get down deep enough to dig and saw out the roots.

  • Cindy Cindy on Jun 15, 2018
    Hi Betty, I agree with above comments. The Boxwood's should probably be taken out. Their roots will not only be invasive to the concrete porch/sidewalk, but also to the church's foundation. If you plant something else in front of your church, you will need to prune it. I use the old farmer's method: from Spring thru Fall, only prune during months that have an R in their name. For example, you can prune in April, but not in May. May does not contain an R. I like this method because it is easy to remember. Best of luck to you and your church.