gardening: tomato and pepper question

Hi there,
This is my first time attempting to grow tomatoes and peppers. I have a couple of issues I'm having that I could use some advice on. These are planted in full sun near my front door. It has great drainage and compost underneath the mulch.
I recently found some brown/yellow spots on the sides of my peppers. I believe it is sunspot, but wanted your opinions and advice. I was hoping for red peppers (i don't like green peppers) there a way to ripen them off the vine?
My tomato plant is producing nicely, but the plant is now showing signs of wilting and browning. I water almost every evening.
q tomato and pepper question, gardening, I hope you can see the soft spot on the peppers
I hope you can see the soft spot on the peppers.
q tomato and pepper question, gardening, tomatoes are wilting
tomatoes are wilting!
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  • Walter Reeves Walter Reeves on Jun 20, 2012
    your instincts are correct: the pepper has sunscald. You can still eat it: they taste fine anytime. Hard to tell what's happening with the tomato plant. Make sure you aren't overwatering....soil should be moist but never soggy

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Jun 21, 2012
    Donna, try putting your peppers in a closed paper bag. They should ripen that way.

  • Marg C Marg C on Jun 21, 2012
    Try watering the tomatoes in the morning and see if that helps. Water only the ground and not the leaves.

  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Jun 21, 2012
    I agree with Marg...water the maters in the AM....this way they can use the recent water during the heat of the day, rather than the cool of the night.

  • Donna S Donna S on Jun 21, 2012
    Cool...I'll try. hey, I was thinking of putting an "umbrella" over my peppers to shade them from further sun scald. Has anyone tried that?

  • Tina B Tina B on Jun 21, 2012
    I think a little shade might be needed like your umbrella idea or even a shade cloth or sail.Watch out for HORN WORMS on those tomato plants, they will eat them up.

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Jun 22, 2012
    I think you should definitely try that, Donna. A Hometalk member in Florida hooked up a Bimini top over her vegetables to provide some protection:!/190969

  • Annette Hird Annette Hird on Jan 08, 2015
    Tomatoes do need a lot of water but mostly at the root level. I'm trying the bucket in the ground with holes drilled in it method for the first time this year and am growing 4 tomato plants around the bucket. The tomatoes are doing extremely well - in fact it's the first time I've grown tomatoes successfully in this garden. I put compost in the bucket first and now just add about 1/2 watering can of water on a daily basis unless we've had rain. I also planted some banana skins near the roots of my tomato plants as tomatoes are prolific feeders and need a lot of fertilizing. I'm actually finding that all my vegetables (except maybe for the leafy greens) are doing really well when I keep their roots watered. I also use aqua spikes attached to recycled soda bottles and fill them on a daily basis.