Can you plant ginger root from the grocery store?

by Bob21999026

What is the best way to grow a ginger plant from ginger root?

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  • Cori Widen Cori Widen on Apr 09, 2017

    1. Soak the ginger root in warm water overnight

    2. Fill a pot with rich soil (make sure it's the type that will drain well)

    3. Stick the ginger root with the eye bud pointing up in the soil and cover it with 1-2 inches of soil.

    4. Water it!

    5. Place it somewhere without much sun

    5. Keep the soil moist - water in a spray bottle works well.

    6. Ginger is a slow grower, after a few weeks you should see some shoots popping up out of the soil

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  • Mogie Mogie on Aug 22, 2019

    You can put it in the soil ( or in a pot with soil ).

    Cover it completely with the soil ( allow the sprouting portion to peep out of the soil ).

    Keep it in the sun ( If it is in the pot , put the pot in the sun ).

    Water it daily, but do not allow water to accumulate in the pot / around the plant.

  • Mandy Pontet Mandy Pontet on Aug 22, 2019

    You are lucky to have a piece of ginger sprout on you, quickly get it in some potting compost/soil but dont plant too deep and if you can try to replicate it's normal growing conditions it should be happy.

    You'll want to find a location that's in full to partial shade with rich, loamy, and well-draining soil for planting. Ginger is plant that thrives in hot and humid jungle-like conditions with dappled sunlight, growing under tree canopies. Unless you live somewhere hot and humid it's going to be best grown indoors in a humid room like a kitchen or bathroom.

  • Mona Davis Mona Davis on Nov 01, 2015

    If you have dry air, spray it daily with water. Use more soil so the root parts have somewhere to go and develop more thick parts. If you can find compost soil use that. Then bunches of light. A southern window is never enough, it is just hot. Specially in the winter, you need extra light. Use a desk light, with a cool light, that is not producing heat.