What is the best way to grow Rosemary

I try every year to get my Rosemary to grow into a huge plant like I see in other people’s yards. It is almost tree size in Arizona. I am in Texas with sandy soil. I don’t know if it gets too much water or not enough. Same for sun.

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  • Sounds like the soil is right, they need at least 6 hours of sun per day. They need well draining soil - maybe yours just need more sun and water. See if these links help.

  • Mae Mae on Jan 03, 2018
    I just purchased another Basil plant; what is the best way to keep it growing inside as a potted plant? I have had so many & they grow spindly & get brown leaves, it appears that it's not a happy plant. I have actually removed plan from pot and placed into water. It really doesn't do too badly, but still not happy as it does not really grow well. Help! Love this plant it's so aromatic not mention it's great on pizza. Thank you

    • Bar21605421 Bar21605421 on Jan 03, 2018
      Its the same with Basil outside as rosemary. Protect from wind, excess heat and cold. It prefers outside in spring and summer. Inside make sure it drains well after watering. Place in a window for sun exposure. Avoid cold and hot areas near heaters, fans and a/c. If its cold outside remove from the window and place where it can get light but not at the expense of exposure. Fertile with Miracle-Gro
      when you buy it, and once a month until its established. A teaspoon in a cup of water. Good luck.

  • Bar21605421 Bar21605421 on Jan 03, 2018
    My husband has grown rosemary every place we have lived. N.J., Texas, Florida, California, and Arizona. He starts with good top soil and a quality fertilzer mix. Pours that in the hole. The planting hole must be at least half the size of the plant you are starting. Also, as you put the plant in the hole and start filling in with the mix, be careful not to cover the growth knob. They are usually on one side of the main trunk of the plant. This will suffocate the plant. Mound the dirt around the plant forming a trough. This will allow the water to be directed to the roots and promote growth. Water gently, don't spray until the plant is established. He uses Miracle-Gro to fertilize about once a month. A tablespoon in water and pour around the plant inside the trough you formed. Cover it in winter and shade it in blistering heat. Your rosemary should thrive. They like to be protected from wind, up against a wall. Good luck.

  • Mae Mae on Jan 03, 2018
    Thank you, for your professional advise, I so appreciate it. God love you!