When is the best time to water your flowers and vegetable gardens??

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  • the bet time of day is very early morning so that the plants absorb what they need and the extra water is evaporated as the day heats up. If you water at night, you run the risk of molds building because the water sits around.

  • Ella Frierson Bond Ella Frierson Bond on Jun 02, 2017
    Mornings !!

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jun 02, 2017
    First thing in the am

  • Catherine Anspaugh Catherine Anspaugh on Jun 02, 2017
    Early in the morning or late in the evening. Never in bright sunshine. Not only is it a waste of your water ( because it will just evaporate) but it could actually cause the sun to scorch the leaves of your plants. Hope this helps.

  • Tamara A Cope Tamara A Cope on Jun 02, 2017
    Early morning is the best time to water before it gets hot and evaporates. It has a chance to sink into the roots. If you live in a hot environment they will need the water throughout the day...

  • Cindy Cindy on Jun 02, 2017
    I always water in the early morning. This gives the plants a head start on the day. Watering in the hot sun may allow drops of water to burn plants leaves. Watering in the evening can cause mildew damage.

  • Depends on where you live. Early morning is best. If you live in a hot dry climate with low humidity, you can water in the evenings too - I have never had mildew or rot as the plants need every drop of water they can get.

  • Sunny Sunny on Jun 02, 2017
    A wise old neighbor with the prettiest yard told me to water in the morning, the way God does. Like morning dew.

  • Lori Nunez Lori Nunez on Jun 02, 2017
    In the evening so the sun doesn't scortch your plants or lawn.

  • John pyles John pyles on Jun 02, 2017
    Late in the evening, or very early in the morning, when the plants and ground are cool