Steps to Grow Green Chilli From Seeds

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It's not too difficult to grow green chillies at home. Whether you are a beginner or a professional gardener, growing chilly is ideal for all gardeners. Green chillies are simple to cultivate, but you should make sure you're giving them enough water because both overwatering and underwatering might prevent the plant from growing.

Chilli seeds can be sown at any time between the beginning of January and the end of spring. They will take a lot longer to mature if you seed them in the late winter.

1. Compost should be added to a tiny pot with drainage, and the pot should then be lightly watered. Add a few seeds there, then add some compost on top of that. If it's a bit cold where they are growing, it could help to wrap the seeds in a plastic bag, cover them in plastic wrap, or place them in a propagator because chilli seeds sprout best around 25°C.

2. Place on a sunny, warm windowsill. The seeds should begin to sprout in a week or two if you keep them continuously wet. Remove the plastic or cling film covering after the seeds have begun to sprout. You may even leave them beside a radiator or in an airing cupboard to germinate. Just be sure to keep an eye on them to prevent the compost from drying out.

3. Prick out (remove) the tiniest seedlings, leaving the largest (that's why you sowed extra, so you kept just the best). You will gather as much as possible in this manner. Keep the compost wet at all times.

4. When the seedlings are about 10 cm tall, transplant them into a bigger pot. Water the plant thoroughly to maintain moisture. You will need to support the plant with a little bamboo cane as it gets higher. Tie the plant gently to the cane.

5. Chilies may be cultivated after the winter in the ground, in pots, in a greenhouse or polytunnel, but be aware that there will be pests.

6. When required, move the chilli plant into a larger container (tip: if you can see the roots through the drainage holes, then it needs a bigger pot). Before adding compost and the plant, cover the bottom of the bigger pot with a layer of drainage material (small stones, rocks, or broken terracotta plant pots).

7. Water often. You must fertilize the chilli plant once a week after it starts to flowering.

8. Beginning around July, chilies should be ready for plucking. To promote more fruiting, make sure to harvest them often. With some sharp secateurs or scissors, you may cut them off from the plant.

Suggested materials:
  • Multipurpose compost   (Garden Store)
  • Chilli seeds   (Garden Store)
  • Small pots for sowing   (Home center)
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