The World Through a Child's Eyes.

There are few things more wonderful than to hand your digital camera to a child and tell them to take pictures...of whatever they want. I do this with my 4 year old grandson a lot and the results astound me! Things we never notice, or pay little attention to, suddenly become amazing art to hang on my walls. These are photos Achidan took last summer and I just stumbled up on them. No need to mention, but they are all framed on my walls now! The pure innocence of these is very impressive to me. I hope you all enjoy!
Achidan made this with bark, sprigs off a plant and pea gravel. He presented it to me as a 'salad'. He took this photo so I wouldn't forget it.
That lovely salad, again!
The apple tree from a little person's view.
Random flowers..they look huge but are only about a foot tall.
What lies behind a tree?
Lost in the evergreens.
Somewhere inside a bush is a magic kingdom all it's own.
Apple and concrete.
Through the spokes.
Orange peel and sunlight.

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