Can you grow watermelon in large containr

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  • If it is the size of half a wine barrel, sure. Certainly worth a try! Go for it!

  • Charlene Charlene on Jun 02, 2017
    Truth be told, you can grow almost anything in a container. There are a few details that must be considered:
    1. Is the size of the container able to allow room for the roots of the plant
    2. Types of containers (some are prepared or preserved with chemicals)
    3. Drainage allowed in the bottom of the containers
    4. The support system needed if the container is not already made with it (i.e. trellises to support cucumbers and other small climbers plus extra supports of shelves or pantyhose slings to support larger produce like melons)
    5. Your commitment to water regularly, constantly check for vermin (bugs) to destroy them, and keep the soil aerated for better and healthier plants.
    6. Enjoy the fruits of your labor!!!!!!!