How can detach plant from hypertupha pot?

I've never had a problem removing root bound plants from you their pots using all traditional ways. This time the pot and plant have become one. I've decided on a saw? I don't have an electrical saw. I was thinking about purchasing a jigsaw/reciprocating saw to use for this task as well as many other diy projects and whenever I need to cut through something. Any advice? And what things do I need to know to buy an inexpensive one, like voltage or speed?
q how can detach plant from hypertupha pot
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  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Feb 10, 2018
    Is the plant dead - it will break up in time! Or alive , and you just don't want it anymore?Framework..?

    • Renee Renee on Feb 10, 2018
      No. They aren't dead. The rubber tree is doing really bad now because we recently had the only damaging plant freeze. The only one in my lifetime. It was bizarre because it just damaged a fraction of parts of plants.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Feb 10, 2018
    I would just cut the roots where they are attached to the inside of the pot, it would be no different than the roots you loose when you take a pot of the pot you purchase them n and you lose roots. If you don't care about the pot, dry a big hammer or sledge hammer and take out your aggressions on the pot. As far as the tool you want to purchase, if you want it to last, go with a good name, research the reviews and get as strong a one as you can handle as far as weight. Go to your local home improvement store and pick the brains of the associates that work in the tool department. The more heavy duty, the less stress on the tool when you have a big job to do. Electric cords may tend to get in the way, but they don't have a battery that may die in the middle of doing a project and extra batteries are really expensive. If you go with inexpensive it may not last if you plan to use it a lot, or may not be strong enough to do the jobs you plan to use it for, and it will shorten the life span by a lot. Tools like that can last for many years if you get a good one. Hubby and I have some electric tools that he had before we were married (1982) and they work great to this day.

    • Renee Renee on Feb 10, 2018
      Thank you Nancy. I didn't think about the 'ole cut off the roots growing outside trick.
      Also, I forgot how heavy those sawsccan be. And, I was taught buy quality only. I have always wanted a type of saw to use when something really called for it. Oh BTW, I've had bad chronic back pain from a flipping car crash @16 yrs old. In the last yr +, I've had much more severe pain than I could stand. After X-rays, 2 days ago it turns out I have an acute broken back. I saw it and It's really bad. But, I still have to have a life. Growing things, creating things, carrying heavy things are part of my life. All I was told was that I can't leave my spine in this position. I don't know what's going to happen. But this isn't a medical site, any other ideas for saws for me?

  • Dfm Dfm on Feb 10, 2018
    some places rent out tools, and the safety equipment as well. you want to find tools that you feel comfortable holding, and it doesn't feel awkward. if you can 't get a decent grip on it, you will have more fatigue using it.

    the good news is some manufactures are making tools scaled to a lady's hand. the jig saw with the correct blade should not have any trouble getting the pot off. always wear personal protective equipment-shop goggles so a splinter of metal doesnt get to your eye, cut resistant gloves.

  • Deueldl Deueldl on Feb 10, 2018
    Use an electric carving knife or run a large serrated knife along the sides of the pot like when you are loosening a cake from a pan.

  • Pat Pat on Feb 10, 2018
    My thoughts too Deueldl.....turn the pot on it's side, if you can and run a long knife all around the inside of the pot. You can even do it if the pot is upright. You should cut the roots off that are growing outside the pot first. After you have cut around the inside of the pot (like Deueldl said, like taking a cake from a pan) take hold of the plant and pull it out of the pot. If you are strong enough, turn the pot upside down and shake it....plant should fall out and then you can divide it like you want to. I have cut around the inside of the pot and then cut across the middle of the plant and pulled half of the plant out and then pulled the other half out if you are not strong enough. Good luck.....I did that to of my plants last year and worked out well.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Feb 10, 2018
    They should have talked about fixing your back or at least stabilizing it for now. I have chronic back pain from a repetitive muscle injury in the early eighties, but there is nothing you can do about muscle, unlike spinal injuries. Retired RN here, so I can relate, my hubby also has disk problems. Did they give you limitations in your activity? If not, you can continue on with life as you know it, just be careful. If you can handle holding the weight, you should be able to use it. I don't really do the tool thing, but hubby has a jig saw and he has a circular saw that he uses for almost everything. Jig saws aren't really that large and they have blades for almost everything. Circular saws also come small, but may not be strong enough for heavy use, a sales associate may be able to help you with that. I hope you get to feeling better, and don't let the doctors wait too long about your back, better to take care of it before something bad happens. If you some off the book advice on what they are saying to you, I am on the site a good bit and I think there is a way to get messages to particular people, not really sure how to do it though, because someone posted a question to me about a plant a month or so ago. Take care of your poor frozen plant, I hope it does better, or that at least part survives for you.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Feb 11, 2018
    If it is not dead, just cut it back, otherwise you could kill it and not only that you might also end up damaging your pot too........Personally I would leave alone and wait for new growth.... Good luck!