How do I keep my backyard from flooding?


My backyard floods every time it rains for over 2-3 hours.

It did not use to do this. But now it does it every time.

I have a dog & he can’t go outside in the backyard at all, after it rains.

I do do have a big tree & my neighbor’s tree hangs over my roof.

Any suggestions, would be very helpful.


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  • Oliva Oliva on Jan 27, 2019

    If your tree or that of your neighbor's overhangs your roof, it needs trimmed to improve your air circulation. It also most likely has roots as long as the tree is tall, which may be growing beneath your home. In time, any side patio could be lifted.

    If your tree is close to your home, and ant specie other than oak, the roots are growing laterally. Pines can be particularly shallow rooted. Maples can do a great deal of damage.

    You need to have a landscape engineer determine why your ground is no longer absorbing water. Have new homes been built behind you? Are they at a higher elevation? Did your neighbor do any excavation which could affect you?

    You'll most likely need a system such as Hydro Blox installed, to expedite rapid dispersal of water from your ground.

    Have you checked your gutters and downspouts to insure they are not clogged with leaves and twigs? If so, after cleaning, installing Gutter Guard or Leaf Filter system will save you from dealing with yearly clogs.

    Your downspouts should be discharging water a minimum of 10' away from your foundation, and preferably through your yard to a point within 8-10' from your street.

    You'll most likely need to check your roof, because you may have algae or moss on the roof shingles, accelerating their deterioration, over time.

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    • Oliva Oliva on Jan 27, 2019

      Hi, Tanya,

      The city's flooding would most definitely have affected you. It is altogether likely that your soil structure was altered as a result of water and dirt migrating during the flooding. You should have a landscape engineer evaluate your situation for best advice.

  • Without photos all I can provide is n educated guess. For starters, get your neighbor to trim their tree, it should not be hanging over your home. Technically anything hanging over the property line you can legally trim off, but that sounds like a huge tree and flopping off that much might make the tree unstable. If the owner does not comply, call your local municipality to be the bad guys for you.

    As to your yard, what has changed? Sounds like you may need to regrade the yard this spring and add French drains, swale or berms to divert the water. Take photos when it rains so you can show a landscaper what your issue is so they know what to do.

  • Kerrie Babineaux Jager Kerrie Babineaux Jager on Jan 27, 2019

    Have someone dig a ditch for the water to drain or insert a large round black plastic drain tube under your grass so it’s not an eyesore and direct the water elsewhere. If the neighbor’s tree is a problem, talk to him/her and come up with a solution that works for the both of you. Good luck!