How do I make a DIY self watering planter?

by Shoshana

I'm in need of a creative solution to ensure my precious potted plants stay hydrated while I'm away on holiday. I've heard about the wonders of DIY self-watering planters, and I'm eager to give them a try!

I thought I would reach out to this clever DIY community and see if anyone has some tried and tested ideas on how to create self-watering planters. If any green-thumbed enthusiasts have successfully tackled this project before, your expertise would be invaluable.

Since I'll be away for some time, it's crucial that the self-watering mechanism effectively provides moisture to the plants without causing any overwatering issues. If you have any insights on maintaining the right balance, please do share!

Looking forward to hearing from everyone.


DIY Self-Watering Planter

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