How do I repair damage from female dog urine on my lawn

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on May 24, 2018
    remove the dead grass ,mix a gallon of water with two tablespoons of baking soda.If that does not work you will have to re-seed
  • Sally Wiese Sally Wiese on May 24, 2018
    Take your dog to a cerain area EVERYTIME. Use a leash so to keep her in line .Stand there until she goes and keep repeating. A treat would help. Don't just let her out the door to go where ever she wants.
  • Fiddledd224 Fiddledd224 on May 24, 2018
    Spray it heavily with water to dilute the ammonia. It should bounce back.
  • KattywhampusLOL KattywhampusLOL on May 24, 2018
    Good Morning A ... I hope the following video is of some help to you. Good Luck with the lawn repair (perhaps have your dog relocate to a different area each day ? .. that's what I do and it seems to help keep the grass green, but then again I have a very large yard). Thanks for asking Hometalk for help

  • Jan Clark Jan Clark on May 24, 2018
    Urine is acidic, you need to counter that with a base. Mix up a cup of baking soda in about two gallons of water. Sprinkle the spots with that. This should equalize the pH and new grass will be green. Remember the dead grass is dead. You're encouraging new grass to take its place. But, if you do this immediately after your dog (male or female) does their thing, the grass should not turn brown at all. If it does, increase the amount of baking soda because their urine is extra-acidic.
  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on May 24, 2018
    Remove the dead grass and maybe some soil put some new soil down and reseed.

    My solution for the best remedy is to train your dog to pee in a designated area. My dogs have been peeing in mulch island or mulch border area for the last 4 different homes and more than 20 years.

    We had problems with dog urine devastating the bright green healthy grass turf. When the human leash training and otc urine ph supplement and other recommendations failed-We resorted to a remote training collar to train our dog. This collar is exactly the same principle as our existing invisible fence, but you can resort to a tone only button initiation to keep the dog away from an area you’re trying to protect. There are two different zap modes of nick and shock that you initiate and regulate by a intensity dial. Its the same type of collars hunting dogs use.
    I do realize these Remote training collars are not for all people but if you using invisible type fence already- it’s likely a great option.
    My dogs were trained to pee and in mulched area and our grass has been great the last 20 years. After training they dont need to wear the collar, its effortless and an expected outdoor potty experienence.
    I hope you can figure out a solution or a training maneuver helps to maintain your grass. Good luck!

  • Nevena MacLean Nevena MacLean on May 24, 2018
    I have tried removing dead grass and planteng seeds but it did not work at all - birds eat seeds or else.. I have two female dogs and I noticed washing it off with soap or bakin soda right away helps. If by any chance it still goes brown it’s better not to remove dead gras, just keep watering a lot more than the rest that burnt spot. Takes 3 or 4 weeks but it comes back as before.
    I had removed once dead spot and thrown it away by the parking lot. After a week of rainfall thing was green again. No need to panic. Watering is all it takes.

  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Jul 09, 2020

    Hi there, so sorry to hear that. It's a common problem. Dog urine is rich in nitrogen and ammonia so it acts as a liquid fertilizer in a concentrated amount. You can put a tablespoon of baking soda on the spot and water the area to dilute. I personally don't believe in giving your fur baby supplements to neutralize the nitrogen in their wee. It messes with their own body functions.

  • Holly Lengner - Lost Mom Holly Lengner - Lost Mom on Aug 22, 2021

    You can try to water the grass after she goes to the bathroom to dilute her urine.