How to take care of potted flower plants?

I have about 20 potted flower plants. Though I take care by watering alternate days and feeding with manure once a fortnight the yield is not good despite fairly good sun light.
What should I do to get good flower blooming of these plants,
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  • Darla Bethea Darla Bethea on Jun 08, 2017
    It depends on plants. I keep the ones that are blooming out on display. The rest i keep to the side. You probably chose plants that don't bloom as often as you would like. Try sticking some cheap coleus or something in with them to give the daily cor you are looking for. Personally I love plants like Pentas - they bloom pretty much nonstop. Here in south they come back year after year. New Guinea inpatients bloom a lot too. You can buy them these days in large packs, put three in a container beautiful. It all depends on plants though. Some have spectacular blooms but may only bloom a couple times during season.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jun 08, 2017
    What plants are you referring to and why are you giving them manure?

  • Patricia Ammerman Patricia Ammerman on Jun 08, 2017
    My flowering potted plants require daily watering and sometimes twice thru a drought or sweltering heat in IN.

  • Diana Boykin Diana Boykin on Jun 08, 2017
    You may be overwatering. I discovered when I scaled back on watering, my plants did much better. Also I use Miracle Grow on all my potted plants once a month & they are all doing very well. Hope this helps.

  • Fiddledd224 Fiddledd224 on Jun 08, 2017
    Water frequently with a liquid fertilizer like Miracle Gro. Just make sure that it is well diluted (the blue color is very faint) if you use it a lot. I've lost plants by using too strong of a solution too frequently. They advise every 14 days, but I used a faint solution more often and my plants went crazy!