I live in an apt and have a large balcony facing south 20 ft x 7 ft

I live in Iowa and would like to know what plant would be good to put in a pot that is showy and does not require a lot of maintenance other than watering.
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  • Trish Enos Trish Enos on Jun 17, 2017
    Geraniums or wave petunias

  • Cheryl Ann Cummins Cheryl Ann Cummins on Jun 17, 2017
    Thank you Trish!!!

  • Dianacirce70 Dianacirce70 on Jun 18, 2017
    Container tomatoes, like the Tiny Tim is smaller, bushy and produces red and yellow grape sized tomatoes. It's pretty, and you get fresh produce, win win. I just gave my daughter one for her place.

  • Misty Myers Misty Myers on Jun 18, 2017
    Herbs. They grow very nicely in a pot and are fun to have on hand. Also, they can be moved indoors for the winter and continue to live and grow like a house plant.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jun 18, 2017
    There are many Hibiscus plants out there that you could put in a big pot. If you put it on one of those low casters that most places sell, you could take it in for the winter and place it by your door it should survive to go outside next year. They have beautiful flowers and you can get one of the brighter ones, they even have ones with double flowers that are really beautiful. If you put it on casters try to get the ones that are sturdy, many out there say they are for heavy pots but the rollers don't last. I found the ones that are just a roller without all the plastic stuff around the roller are the best, some even have locks on them. Since these are taller plants you could put different sizes of pots around them and perhaps a few flowers interspersed with some herbs you could use in the kitchen year round by placing them indoors before first frost.

  • Bjs16230967 Bjs16230967 on Jun 18, 2017
    Hydrangea might be a good choice. It is bare in winter but retains the dried blossoms until cut off in spring.

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  • S French S French on Jun 18, 2017
    begonias or geraniums are always good.