How do I get my apple trees to grow?

The 1st year they put on apples. I was advised to snip the apples off. The next year they put on apples and I snipped them because they were breaking the tiny limbs on the tree. No more apples and the trees have not grown an inch. I am in sand. I pruned the tree limbs. Right now they have suckers growing from the bottom. One of the trees was ran over and died all except the suckers. Can I leave the suckers alone and it grow another tree?

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  • Here is how to grow apple trees.

    What zone are you In? When in doubt, contact your local Ag Extension or visit a reputable local nursery that has a Master Gardener on staff. Or even have a consult with an arborist.

  • Alice Alice on Feb 06, 2019

    I found one article that said: An apple tree without fruit may not be getting enough sun or water. Poor fruit production can also be caused by over fertilizing.

    Then I found another article that said: Left to wander wildly apple trees can get too tall for easy harvest, may bear fruitonly at the tops of the trees and may produce many apples but fruit will be small and misshapen. Apple trees may also show biennial bearing in which fruit is produced every other year.

    Then I found another article that said that a seedling of any apple variety will grow into a tree from 12 to 20 feet high and take six to 10 years to bear apples. So it may take a few more years.

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Feb 06, 2019

    The damaged one growing suckers can be saved pick the strongest new central growth"sucker" and keep trimming off others it will eventually become strong main tree you want. You keep trimming off the fruit and limbs that the tree needs to produce fruit. Let it do what it does naturally-grow. Leave them alone.They are producing so many suckers because you are cutting on it so much.If it produces fruit let them mature then eat them. trees plants know what to do without so much "help" just water them