Is nitrogen a good thing for my garden

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  • Arlis Posey Arlis Posey on Jun 19, 2018
    Yes but mixed with what?

  • Ama Ama on Jun 19, 2018
    One thing I do remember from a Life Science class was to let your plots of
    land lay fallow (not used) or to plant green beans which contained a
    nitrogen fixing bacteria. Do this every third year. Hope this is helpful.

  • Rob32328534 Rob32328534 on Jun 19, 2018
    Nitrogen alone will give you lots of green leaves, but no flowers or fruits & vegetables. You need a balanced blend ( like we need multi vitamins) for your plants to thrive. A ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (potash) is needed. The ratios are on the labels of the fertilizers you buy like 3:1:2,6:2:4, or 9:3:6. I don't recommend anything above 9:3:6. The first number N is nitrogen, P is phosphorus, and K is potassium. Using compost or organic fertilizers are the best for your garden soil and plants because they don't harm beneficial microorganisms and earthworms.

  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Jun 20, 2018
    Absolutely! That's what lightening is for.

  • Gar27475740 Gar27475740 on Jun 20, 2018
    Agreed that nitrogen alone will only give you greenery. Espoma makes good organic fertilizerS. Not sure where you are growing but it is useful to know what the pH# of your soil is now before amending it. You can buy soil testing kits or contact your state’s land grant university extension office. They probably have soil testing kits for sale. I live in PA and the local Penn State offices sell them for $10.