Spring fertilizing question

my husband and I argue every year as to whether or not i can put a fertilizer down that has crab grass killer in it and seed shortly after, I say no what say you?

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  • What do the directions on the package say? To end the yearly squabble, try a patch your way and see what happens.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jun 12, 2018
    Most companies that deal in fertilizing and seeding grass put down the seed in the fall, they usually call it overseeding. The weed and feed that is put down in the spring is a pre-emergent to keep weeds from germinating. It shouldn't cause a problem with grass seed since it is not a weed seed.

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jun 13, 2018
    If you are over seeding, it needs to be done in the fall...you can do it in the spring, but be prepared to water...every day!

    Killing off the crab grass should be your main concern right now. Do that first because it may take more than just fertilizer with crab grass killer to get rid of it. by then fall will be here an you can seed...usually about late September.

    With some of the high winds in spring and summer storms, we get all kinds of junk grass in our lawn even though we have a service to kill weeds.