What is the best outdoor plant to put in a 14" wooden shoe?

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  • Without knowing the planting Zone you are in or what kind of light you have, it is a little difficult to answer but I would say some sort of succulent might look nice. A wave petunia might also work.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jun 19, 2017
    What is your location? Do you want a annual?What is the lighting?

  • Tme23581312 Tme23581312 on Jun 19, 2017
    I agree with the above comment--not much info. Wave petunias are nice, but they are prolific growers and I don't think the amount of soil in the shoe planter would hold enough water for it. You also didn't say whether you were mounting it on a fence or laying it flat on the soil. Any of the carpet type sedums should work and most bloom, but not continuously. Delosperma cooperi aka ice plant should work and bloom more. They are perennials, but would have to be overwintered in the ground if you are in a colder climate. I'm in zone 6 and they only survive in the soil over the winter here. Of course if the wooden shoe is true made of wood, it won't survive well either. Be sure to drill a drainage hole before you plant!

  • Nena Hodges Nena Hodges on Jun 19, 2017
    I would use succulents such as a small version of Hen and Chicks or any of and endless number of small cacti. you could even use several different kinds for an awesome display.

  • Xen7221439 Xen7221439 on Jun 19, 2017
    Drill good drainage holes and use a sandy soil to plant with cacti and succulents that do not need much watering . water well every 3 to 4 weeks and let dry. Keep above freezing in winter. With normal summer flowering plants your shoe will rot quickly.

  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Jun 19, 2017
    Just my opinion but I would add moss to outside of shoe and then add succulents on inside of shoe. I wouldn't put a flower or anything because I feel that it would more realistic if you place in it things might actually grow on a shoe lost in the woods.