Quick Tip: Prevent Grass From Sticking to Your Lawnmower

by BrightNest
Whether you have a John Deere that’s been with your family for generations or a brand-new Craftsman, you’ve probably been annoyed by the sight of freshly cut grass stuck to the bottom of your lawn mower. But did you know that annoyance can potentially damage your mower, too?
It’s true! When grass gets built up and clumps together, it can prevent your mower from working at its full potential.
Prevent grass from sticking to your lawn mower with a few simple steps:
1. Remove Old Grass from Your Mower

Use a wire brush or a garden hose to remove any built up grass that is already on your lawn mower wheels or underneath the lawn mower deck. Bonus: You’ll be cleaning your lawn mower at the same time!

2. Spray Vegetable Oil

Give the mower time to dry. Then, spray household cooking spray on the wheels and underside of your lawn mower (near the blades). Coat all surfaces evenly. Note: If you don’t have any cooking spray handy, pour vegetable oil onto an old rag and use the rag to apply oil to the mower, instead. Just be sure to use thick gardening gloves to protect your hands from any sharp pieces.

3. Repeat After Each Use

Mow your lawn as you normally would, and then add another coat of oil when you’re done. Continue to give your lawn mower a light oil coating every time you’ve finished mowing lawn. That’s it! http://bit.ly/1mMzFxM
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