A Few More of My Roses

I love roses and I have several of them in different areas of my yard. I planted the pink three years ago. I has a wonderful scent. I have a picture that I took the first year it bloomed and it looks like a rose on a cake. I will post it with these.
Pink rose starting to open
Pink rose completely opened
Orange and Yellow Rose
Orange and Yellow Rose
Large Peach Rose
This is the pink rose that I think looks like a rose on a cake.
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  • Tammy Henson Tammy Henson on May 28, 2014
    I live in Piggott, Arkansas and I have a orange and yellow rose bush too and I love it. I also have a pink one and a red one. My pink on only blooms for a short time and I'm sure why. Any ideas?

  • Julie Rainwater Julie Rainwater on May 28, 2014
    Hi Tammy, The orange and yellow one is one of my favorites. They are so beautiful. On all of my roses, as soon as the roses start dying, I clip them off back to the first set of five leaves. This helps to produce new growth an blooms. Also, I save and dry my coffee grounds and sprinkle them around the base of my roses. You can also put the grounds in water and water the roses with it. I also cut up banana peels and lay them around the base of my roses. The grounds and peels feed the roses and make them more resistant to diseases. I hope this helps.