Follow the Yellow Tiled Road

If you've got fairies, then a tiny dorothy, and pebble-sized munchkins are not that far off. Get tutorial here

Visit the Tiny Tiered Hilltop Home

Instead of tossing out a broken pot, this green-thumbed guru turned hers into a tiny fairy garden on a hill. Get tutorial here

Catch This On-The-Go Garden

As idyllic as plain vintage cases are, they're much more charming with a fairy cottage. Get tutorial here

Pop By the Wicker Magical Basket Scene

A standing planter is the perfect home for magical feature packed fairy garden indoors. Get tutorial here

Attend a Tiny Tea Time

Did you know that fairies adore a spot of tea while looking out over their flower beds? Get tutorial here

Stroll the Little Lantern Park

This decorative moss-packed lantern is the perfect spot for a fairy to sit for a spell. Get tutorial here

Spy the Sleepy Fairy Tree

Grab a banana stand from your local thrift store, for this adorable and aromatic fairy tree scene. Get tutorial here

Mini Mossy Pebbled Park

These grassy parks are the perfect place for a fairy stroll, plus, the pebbles make a gorgeous design. Get tutorial here