Save Those Banana Peels!

3 Materials
2 Minutes

Save those nutrient explosive peels when you eat or bake with those bananas!

Your plants will give you a high five for feeding them with potassium rich banana peels. Most plants thrive on the potassium rich "peel smoothies".

If you don't have a smoothie maker, you can use a food processor but it will have to be processed longer in order to make the liquid find and dissolve the peel chunks. You can actually put the peels around your plants and achieve the same results but it will take a lot longer for the plants to benefit from the peels.

Using my smoothie maker produces a finer pulp with much less chunks of peel. Which ever method you use will be ok for your plants but the finer the peels are ground, the faster they will reach your plant's needs.

I would not suggest using this on house plants until you can set the plants outside in the spring as you may encourage fruit flies to come.

After I finished the processing I poured the "peel smoothie" into a jar to store till spring to use around my roses and other plants.

Potassium is important to plant growth and development. Potassium helps:

  • Plants grow faster
  • Use water better and be more drought resistant
  • Fight off disease
  • Resist pests
  • Grow stronger
  • Produce more crops
  • With all plants, potassium assists all functions within the plant. When a plant has enough potassium, it will simply be a better overall plant.
  • Read more at Gardening Know How: Plants And Potassium: Using Potassium And Potassium Deficiency in plants

Suggested materials:

  • Left from bananas   (had these)
  • Smoothie maker   (had this)
  • Food processor   (had this)

Frequently asked questions

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  • Kathy Kathy on Jan 10, 2019

    can it be used on house plants and won't it attract fruit flies or other bugs?

  • Den3080785 Den3080785 on Jun 27, 2021

    Do you use this straight or dilute with water? How much and how often?


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