Summer in the Garden With an Easy DIY XL Garden Box + Free Plan

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One of the first thing I like work on for spring is the garden. Basically… I am always working in the garden… for me the best place at home is the garden. Sometimes my brain is telling me: Your wife is afraid of spiders, the garden is full of spiders… so you should stay there! Ah ah ah, oh my! Guess who is getting into an argument tonight...

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And it can be sometimes a difficult task because our garden is full of green and vegetables, so you can imagine all the work we have every year to clean that up…But after all was done, I’ve created a complete pallet bench from refurbished wood and thought, while I am there why not making an extra large garden planter as well to grow more fruits and flowers…
I wanted the design here to be very simple so that the viewers could easily recreate the same with the provided free plan. To have some more instructions feel free to check the blog article in our website. Here I am making mine out of 4 pieces of lumbers of 2,3m long, 20 cm large and 3 cm thick but you can use whatever wood you want as you are the boss of your creation.
-First cut all the side and bottom slats…
-Then laid your slat on a table
-Take the measurement for the top and bottom rails, then back to the miter saw (make sure to always double check that cut before rip them in half on the table saw…
Alright so let’s assemble this side: mark 3 cm on each side then line up the side pieces and attach…. Mark 3 cm from the bottom of the bottom rail then again attach…
Now the fun part!!! Time to assemble…
place the top sides up side down and then attach this time with screws...
here in order to leave space for water to go out I am only partially closing the bottom part.
As the bottom was already facing up, all I needed to do was placing the slates in place and Added some black liner to the bottom of planter for weed control, place the top, paint it and that’s it. 
And here you are with a Nice DIY wooden planter box
 Simple, beautiful and effective!!!

 remember guys.. I will be also adding a free plan for wooden planter in the blog articles available in different languages so feel free to help yourself...

 The learnings here for this project is the attached top side here which I cut too short at 60 cm and it’s giving me the gap as you see here, which isn’t a big problem but I will advise you to make all cuts for the attached top and bottom at 66cm to have a perfect square at the end...

And as usual, Mr ATC for another idea of housing!!!! See you next time and don’t forget to share, subscribe and comment below the video...

Suggested materials:

  • Miter saw   (local store)
  • Table saw   (local store)

Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!

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  • Rose Rose on Jun 24, 2017
    I wish my husband would take over our garden.

    • Mr ATC Mr ATC on Jun 25, 2017
      Tell him to watch my videos on MyATCtv.... ;)

  • 861650 861650 on Jun 25, 2017
    You are one creative guy and I so like your idea. Love the extra wide surface that could be used in many ways and my brain is spinning. Even if you do not plant a tree, I'm assuming that's what you did... install an umbrella with a pattern that compliments your décor instead. Use plantings that like shade or semi-shade. Will watch your video a little later. As for the spiders, buy your wife a shotgun, or have your neighbors kill them. LOL! Seriously, spiders creep me out BIG TIME! Call the police!

    • Mr ATC Mr ATC on Jun 25, 2017
      Hey Karen, thanks a lot... That's what I am" a creative designer". I have a last video with a pallet bed plaform coming soon on hometalk and published already on MyATCtv, check it out